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Friends of City Parks Conservancy are a special group of donors who provide on-going, monthly gifts that help for a steady resource we know we can count on.  Be a part of this dynamic group today by making a monthly recurring gift (where the sum total of your gift over one year equals $60 or more) to City Parks Conservancy using the form below.


Friends giving monthly recurring gifts totaling $60 or more per year) will receive special email communications from City Parks Conservancy, special invitations to upcoming City Parks Conservancy gatherings, special recognition on our website and in our annual report, and a small gift of appreciation at their first event with City Parks Conservancy.

NEED YOUR HELP -- Here's how to complete the form below!

To join Friends, in the form below, be sure to check the "Show my support by making this a recurring donation" box then selecting "Monthly" in the "Frequency" box.  Be sure to choose your preferred start date (which will also be your recurring donation date, too).  See the example image below to learn more.

If you are also able to check the "Yes!  Add $X to help offset bank fees" box near the end of the form, this ensures that City Parks Conservancy receives the maximum value from your monthly donation.  (Please note, the actual value varies depending on the gift amount selected.)  Thank you for your generous support!

Start Your Friends Journey Below!

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